We install Google Analytics onto every site we design and can also install it onto your current website. Google Analytics is a fantastic service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic and it’s absolutely free!

This powerful tool lets you monitor how many people are visiting your website and where they are coming from.

You might be posting links on your social media avenues? With Google Analytics you can track how many people are actually clicking onto those links and visiting your website.

Google Analytics is also a great way to monitor how well some of your advertisement avenues are working. For example you might be paying for an advert on Yell.com that links to your website. Using Google Analytics you can monitor this traffic and weigh up if the advert you are paying for is giving you value for money.

Device Tracking

Google analytics has the power to establish what devices are being used to access your site. The average site is now experiencing 60% of traffic coming by way of mobile phone. This is why businesses need to make sure their sites don’t just look great on a computer. See our guide on what is a mobile responsive design here.

Landing pages

Not everyone will come onto your website via the Homepage. You may have different service or product pages and you can use Google Analytics to determine which pages are performing the best. This is such a useful tool when you are planning your marketing strategy. You may find that one product is getting lots of clicks compared to another and this will help you establish what pages need your attention.


Having Google Analytics on your site will show the progression of your site and will give you a snap shot of busy periods. For example you may find that traffic spikes at different times of the year based on the season, holiday period or weather. This is extremely valuable data but you can only start collecting it once Google Analytics is installed, so don’t wait any longer, contact us today and we will get it set up for you in no time!


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