When it comes to Website Optimisation, we believe that setting up our customers with the tools to be as self-sufficient as possible is extremely important in todays competitive business environment.

We find that businesses that hesitate from engaging in online marketing are usually put off due to a lack of understanding rather than a lack of desire. This is what sets Headline My Business apart from many other digital marketing companies. We offer a very transparent service where we talk you through everything we are doing and encourage your company to get involved with the process. Google’s algorithm is a very complex system but maximising your rank result for a keyword search doesn’t need to be.

Martha Lane Fox, founder of lastminute.com and member of The House of Lords, was a guest speaker at the prestigious Richard Dimbleby Lecture recently. The majority of her speech was based on how important it is for UK businesses to start realising the full potential of digital marketing so we can become “brilliant at the internet”.

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