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What is a Mobile Responsive website? Why do they matter?

What is a mobile responsive website?

Mobile Responsive Websites will start outranking old style sites on April 21st 2015 – we explain why.

In essence a “mobile responsive website” is a website that can move dynamically depending on what device the user is viewing your website on.

So your website should look a little different if you view it on a mobile phone compared to a laptop.

Our own mobile responsive website example.

This is some of our services listed on a laptop and you can see it fits a wider screen nicely with 3 columns per tier. (Demonstrated by red arrows)


 However, when you view the site on a mobile phone you can see the services become a single column scroll.


Mobile Responsive example phone



What’s happening here?

The website is able to dynamically move the services columns depending on what device has been used to view the website.

Why do mobile responsive sites matter?

Google believes that websites need to offer the best possible user experience on different devices. A big part of Google’s algorithm is ranking sites based on user experience, thus, if Google believes that having a single scroll on mobile phones is a better user experience, it will now rank those sites higher than static sites that stay the same regardless of what device you view it on.

When will Google change its algorithm to favour mobile responsive sites?

The latest update to the Google search engine algorithm is scheduled to “start from 21 April” and will favour mobile responsive sites.

This update will only effect web search rankings from users searching on Google via their mobile phones and tablets, but let’s be honest, that’s a huge chunk of Internet users in todays market and shouldn’t be ignored.

Final Thought.

Some users actually prefer the old style static websites and will just use their zoom in and out pinch function to navigate around the sites content. However, Google has decided for everybody, having links that don’t need to be clicked via a zoom is a “better user experience”. That’s debatable, but Google make the rules and businesses need to play by them.

Google has provided some helpful tools and tips including a mobile-friendly test. If you are not sure if Google will class your site as mobile responsive, click on the link below, enter your URL (website address) and Google will tell you within seconds if your site is mobile responsive.


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